Nippa Tech Major Project Cheong Pyeong Hydro Power Project, Korea
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Cheong Pyeong Hydro Power Project, Korea

The new generation units with a capacity of 60MW without no change in volume of reservoir. This Project is an addition of new unit to the existing Cheongpyeong Hydro Power Plant located in Gyeonggi province, Republic of Korea.

Cheongpyeong HPP #1~3 with Dam type is operating on Cheongpyeong Dam and the total nominal generating capacity is 79.6MW. Cheongpyeong HPP unit 1 and unit 2 of the existing facilities are 19.8MW x 2 of vertical kaplan type hydraulic-turbine and unit 3 is 40MW of vertical propeller type hydraulic-turbine.

Voith Fuji Hydro is a supplier of Turbine and Generator for this Project. Nippa Tech was selected as a Sub Contractor to Voith Fuji for their Special Work of Generator Stator and Rotor Assembly.