Nippa Tech Technical Services – Continued
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Technical Services – Continued

Nippa Tech has high skilled engineers from planning & contract manager and electrical supervisor to computer programmer, electrician and carpenter. Being a Technical Service provider, we have provided them to multinational companies and created the trust among them. We never hesitate to do our best for the satisfaction of clients and the development of the developing countries.

Nippa Tech commits to be an effective Business Partner of its clients by providing
“Quality work and dedicates services through Qualified Staff”
“We as an Employment Consultant”

From the planning to the completion, there is a need of superior technical persons on each phase for successful progression of construction. We can solve expectedly/unexpectedly want of engineers, supervisors or any other technical staffs.
Our Goal

Nippa Tech seeks to maintain and grow its reputation for providing excellent project management services, cost effective and innovative solutions, technical excellence in project execution, and a final installation which is accepted as high quality by the reputed clients.
Our Focus

To accomplish our goal, we are focused on recruiting, maintaining and motivating a highly competent and professional staff who is dedicated to the goals and principles of Nippa Tech. The staff must exist within, and be comfortable with, a culture that encourages all employees to work together towards the common goals of the project.

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