Nippa Tech Clean Water for better life
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Clean Water for better life

“MARINEX Technology is able to revive purification system of nature

Nippa Tech with the help of Marinex is introducing the Water Filter under the name of TERAMIX. Its uses the Marinex Technology for purifying the water.

What is MARINEX?

  • MARINEX Technology is science and technology of its own which doesn’t use chemicals artificial. (patented)
  • The main component of MARINEX is marine diatomaceous which is made of marine humus, iodine, saccharide, amino acid, vitamin and calcium.
  • MARINEX is harmlesssince circulate ferment oxidation and reduction of microorganisms, functions of microorganisms.
  • “Due to containing the Self-Cleaning System” this new technology doesn’t need to discard or move away the toxic substance.

The brand name for Water Purification System is TERAMIX.


TERAMIXcontains special ceramic balls which is mixed up of Ancient Oceanic Diatomite and Natural Stones (fine particle) and Marinex, and then low-temperature fired without breaking natural ingredients.

CERAMIC BALL The function is depending on the sorts of ingredients, baking temperature, time, mesh etc. and various usages.

TERAMIX is a Ceramics with power of multifunction water purification.

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