Nippa Tech Clean Water (Contd……)
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Clean Water (Contd……)

Characteristic of humic substances

1. Humic substances in the ocean has a surfaceactive
(force to mix the material and substance) , and promoting the dispersion of the oil spilled on the sea .
2. Humic substances in the water do the aggregation sedimentation in the water treatment process, is involved in the formation of organic salt compound.
3. Effect of making the metal complexes (chemical compound) have been observed in humic substances.
4. Effect of diffusion (decomposition) and create a complex and heavy metals such as dioxin complex pollutants are identified.
5. With microbial growth action to promote the production of plant.

6. Is dissolved by reduction of these metals when subjected to photochemical reaction with the iron oxide and manganese insoluble. → Biological uptake of the metal will increase.
7. It reduces the toxic compound to interact in a variety of climate and synthetic organic matter, such as pesticide. On the one hand, the dispersed to adsorb pesticides slightly
soluble in water.
8. There is a biologically active antibacterial and antiviral against viruses and fungus diseases of agricultural crops.
9. There is a physical effect of spreading the high concentration bases, such as salt and high fertilizer concentration.

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