Nippa Tech Job Discription
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Job Title

Mechanical Supervisors

Expected Salary

Based on experience

Start Date


End Date



Liberia and Malaysia


The Supervisor as representative of the erection crews shall be qualified and shall be able to make decisions, write letters, reports, call for meetings, etc. Knowledge for planning the work i.e. man-power-loading, Decision about use of tools, equipment, cranes and the ability to delegate work, to train unskilled labor for this work and an experience in this kind of work with a minimum of five years. Good knowledge of different professions e.g. pipe fitting, welding, mechanic, etc. and necessary knowledge of materials which will be used. Further special knowledge of rules and norms of calculation, mechanics, static’s, etc. and about accident prevention are necessary. Knowledge of English. Knowledge of safety instruction and any other applicable health and safety protection

Job Time

Full Time