Nippa Tech Services Supply and Trading – Continued
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Supply and Trading – Continued

Nippa Tech is a well-established company with new ideas & values. We follow a simple promise provide quality workmanship and dependable services. It is a simple idea, but one that has served our many clients well. That’s why, 75% of our continued business is the result of this contacts and referrals from local authorities, councils, owners, developers, architects and engineers who are pleased with our work.

This idea can be characterized in three words – responsible, reasonable and responsive. The company has enjoyed a period of strong growth and achievement since inception. Our determined dedication to serve the clients interest flows throughout the company, from grass root to the top. When you deal with Nippa Tech, you quickly discover what this

Our Field:

We deal in followings:

Used Construction Machinery Tools and Equipment
General Machinery, garments, leather Garments,
food items, fruits, Accessories, Jewelries
Used Cars, Used Computers,





  1. Technical Services

  2. Mantainence Services

  3. Eco Biz Services

  4. Supplies and Trading