Nippa Tech Achievements Major Project Page 2
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Xekaman-3 Hydro in Laos

The 260-MW Xekaman 3 hydropower plant in Laos will start operations in September and annually provide around 980 million kWh

New Bong Escape in Pakistan.

Nippa has provided technical assistance to Andritz Hydro, China for their project in Pakistan.>

A-Luoi Hydropower Project Vietnam

The plant is located on the A Sap river in Thua Thien Hue province, 70km west of the city of

Cheong Pyeong Hydro Power Project, Korea

The new generation units with a capacity of 60MW without no change in volume of reservoir. This Project is an>


Nippa's staff working for a well known Italian Company CMC di Ravenna as a planning engineer and cost control manager.

Tana Beles Hydropower Project in Ethiopia

Our highly technical staff giving their services to M/S Andritz in all electromechanical sections.>